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The ultimate formula
for building a bulletproof mindset and becoming unstoppable!

A unique fusion of wisdom, skills, vigilance and practices that will strengthen your mind and unleash your fighting spirit.

Our Force Field represents the building of strength from the inside out and symbolises a dynamic energy that radiates outwards into our immediate environment. This protective aura not only makes it more difficult for incoming dangers to penetrate, but it can also dismantle our internal fragilities before they can manifest. Our Force Field is equal parts defensive and offensive, both our shield and our sword!


The deeply practical and life-changing guidance in Force Field will help you reclaim your intellectual autonomy, harden your resolve, and mobilise your full arsenal of unearthed capabilities.



•   Find the key to your wellspring of motivational energy

•   Respond more constructively to challenges

•   Navigate your way around/through difficult people

•   Improve your communication skills and social intelligence

•   Establish a greater immunity to negative outside forces

•   Become a better son, daughter, parent, partner or friend?

•   Develop a better relationship with your thoughts
•   Bolster your self-worth and change the way people
      interact with yo

•   Portray a more even temperament in your dealings with others

•   Be more productive with your time and energy

•   Experience a greater sense of calm and clarity

•   Cease relying on motivation to get things done

•   Resist the gravitational grift of procrastination

•   Become a person of influence that others want to follow 

•   Realise your full career and financial aspirations without
      sacrificing health, family or key relationships.

The down-to-earth techniques and thoughtful guidance offered in Force Field will supercharge your progress in any field, urging you to:


Your Force Field is comprised
of 4 key areas...


Wisdom is the scaffolding around which our Force Field is constructed. Education is where it all begins – irrespective of the setting – because it encourages right thinking and dictates our initial trajectory. 


We cannot plant good seeds in nutrient deficient soil and expect a positive outcome, nor can a great structure be erected on unsteady ground. There’s a good reason why a soil test is the mandatory first step taken by building contractors prior to digging foundations as it provides unequivocal feedback on the ‘lay of the land’. Without this education, the builder can tackle his new project with all the zeal he can muster, but still create something which is structurally unsound. 


Acquiring knowledge as a lifelong avocation can be expensive, but it’s nothing compared to the cost of ignorance.


The time spent assembling our philosophical priorities can be nullified if we enact our newfound wisdom with blunt instruments. The sharpened edge cuts more cleanly and effortlessly than the dull blade, and you can’t take down a tree with a hammer! 


In Weapons, we aim to refine a skill set that is supplementary to our evolved mindset. In some instances, these tools provide a protective barrier against the array of incoming ordnances we experience when venturing outside our comfort zone. At other times, our honed weaponry is activated combatively as we thrust and pierce our way forward towards our desired goals. Inevitably, we must tool up to move up!


It is a fact of life that poor attitudes, negative people or self-defeating behaviours are never far from our immediate experience, which makes identifying their arrival and dismantling their influence an essential part of any success strategy.


‘Warnings’ highlights some of the more common enemies of progress. It not only focuses on outside forces that can wreak havoc in our personal or professional lives but also includes internal affairs, where thought or emotional weaknesses can hinder us just as severely.


‘Ways’ reflects the application of our collective principles, philosophies and skills. It highlights the truism that we are not what we know or what other people think we are… we are in fact what we practise! ‘Ways’ also aims to seek a balance between inner peace and outer force. The siren call of let’s get it on represents this outer force and urges us to mix it up with life’s fears and advance on our enemies – both real and imaginary. At other times, our equivalent desire for inner peace reminds us that thoughtful acceptance, patience and non-resistance can also be the most effective strategy at times.




Gavin Samin is the Vice President, COO and Assistant Chief Instructor of Go-Kan-Ryu Karate, an international martial arts organisation with over 35,000 students and 2000 instructors worldwide.

Aside from teaching and training in karate for over three decades, Gavin’s extensive experience as a high-performance business coach, leadership mentor, communications specialist, strategic planner, keynote speaker and change architect has made him a highly valued leader and sensei. 


Force Field is Gavin’s debut book.

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